Over the last few years, the main worldwide car manufacturers in cooperation with the main Chinese car manufacturers have launched new brands for the Chinese market.


The name HORKI (Dongfeng Yueda Kia) is the union of Hor (China) and Ki (to drive), whereas ZHI NUO (BMW and Brilliance China Automotive) means “promises” or “keep one’s word”.  However, ZHI NUO uses Old Chinese which is more poetical and strongly evocative compared with modern Chinese; this is why it is often used to create new brands.


BMW-Brilliance also created a “twin” brand only for export, in an international language: ZINORO which has a close sound to Zhi Nuo but is meaningless. A new way to get closer to the Chinese market through the creation of a “hybrid” brand that communicates, from a naming perspective, in both languages.