How well do you know the English language? Whether or not you are a native speaker, take this quiz to find out – and enjoy a good opportunity to learn a few funny vocabulary facts at the same time.

1. More English words begin with this letter than with any other letter:
2. What’s a “pangram”?
3. A hecatompedon is:
4. 4. This infinity sign ∞ is called:
5. What does flabellation mean?
6. Oology is:
7. A polygon with 99 sides is called:
8. Anything described as transpontine is located on the opposite side of a bridge, what do you say when things are located on this side of the bridge?
9. Mochas are named after a port in Yemen, from which coffee was exported to Europe in the 18th century.
10. The word xenoglossy refers to: