Because we care for our clients and about what we do, our teams have channelled their talents for over 30 years to help our clients on their journey from strategic brief to launch, from name creation to short-list selection, from linguistic and cultural checks to TM registration. A constant commitment which creates powerful and engaging brands.

A true motto

At local or global level, brand naming goes further to enable our clients to feel secure in their choice with a 360° service including branding strategy, linguistic and cultural assessments, legal checks, identity design and TM registration. Brandcare embodies an active principle, a “way of life” for Nomen – a desire to develop with our clients the most attractive, effective, sustainable and protected brand we can.

Our name
Your brand

Having created over 1500 brands, Nomen has built up a reputation. Blue chip companies and start-up businesses have since 1981 made Nomen a must in brand name creation. Today the Nomen Group gathers an international medley of profiles: brand strategists, linguists, name creatives, IP attorneys, marketing and branding specialists to offer the best of Brandcare to each and every one of our clients.