If you need a name for your business as a result of a merger and acquisition, because you are starting up, for legal reasons or to give your company the opportunity to be a global player, you have come to the right place.

If it’s a product or service name, a strap-line or a mission statement, you have found your partners for the project.

The Nomen approach is a strong mix of creativity and rigour to develop through a bespoke process a name for your business which communicates your brand message succinctly and with great impact and does it to your preferred audience and in the right tone of voice.


A name can be descriptive, evocative, symbolic, random, long or short, a complete invention, based on dictionary words.

A name must be attractive, catchy, memorable, easy to pronounce and spell or not (Häagen Dazs), available, global or local, inspiring, distinctive, engaging…


Your brief, your story provides us with the inspiration, the parameters and constraints for our creative journey along different strategic routes.

Brainstorming, individual creative sessions, international and local input from our linguists and brand specialists, strategic selection and our partnership with our client lead to a rich name creation.

in creation

From the onset, our client’s team becomes a part of our project team. It is this inclusive attitude and team effort, which enables us to deliver on brief and on expectations. Though intensive briefing sessions, creative workshops and the close involvement of the main branding stakeholders in the presentation working meetings, we enhance our creative process, support our client in their naming journey and bring the project to a successful outcome.