Brand strategy is a vital ingredient and catalyst at all stages of the name development process.

Brand strategy:
Our middle name

There is no brand naming and no Brandcare without brand strategy. We listen to you, we speak the same language and therefore the brief is strategic as are the creative routes which inspire our naming consultants and creatives. Strategic thinking is at the core of our selecting process for the names with the most potential. We ensure the strategic development of the name you need for the audiences and markets you select though the creative process, the cultural input of our local consultants and the linguistic talent of our partners across the globe.

Brand architecture
Tidying your drawers

Organic growth, mergers & acquisitions, a dynamic R&D department, all lead to a proliferation of names, brands, tag-lines, straplines, mission statements, sub-brands and product variants. This obscures your vision and brand message, confuses your sales team, frustrates your marketing team with too much marketing collateral to support, loses you clarity and cross-selling opportunities with your clients.

We delve deep, explore the most secret recesses, compare you to your competitors, point the finger at the dark corners and taboo subjects.

We bring clarity, coherence, rationalisation. We retire names, we rename brands, we organise brand hierarchy and relationships. We make you more effective, save you money and boost your sales. It’s not for the faint-hearted but what is there not to like?