For a brand to live in the digital world means that Nomen take into account specific technical parameters and issues. Social media and the Internet have altered the way a brand communicates and is perceived. We make sure your brand is fully enabled digitally.

and e-potential

Our Webcheck® service tests names in all digital aspects : availability of domain names, generic, geographic and alternatives, potential for listing on social media, app stores and positioning on search engines.

Domain names
Definite entry point

With Legimark, we advise our clients on availability, protection, renewal and checks of other registered domain names which might prove problematic to our client’s strategy.

Digital identity

Brandcare on the web empowers a global management of the digital life of your brand.

Scoring checks and advice on the enhancement of web reputation:

  • Regular reporting on set criteria
  • Alerts when danger looms
  • Defence of the digital brand