Would a rose smell as sweet if called by a different name?

The Nomen UK creative team is an eclectic group of individuals with different talents, coming from all walks of life and of ages ranging from the young to the not-so-young. We have in common a passion: creating great brand names for whatever project comes our way.

What’s in a word? Words are powerful tools and a knowledge and understanding of words is essential to our task. The word could even be used as a metaphor for our team. In a word there are letters that each make an essential contribution to the formation of the word – without one letter, it simply wouldn’t be the same word. As a team, we each contribute our own ‘letter’ to the group. For each project, the ‘letters’ are chosen to spell the appropriate ‘word’ for the task at hand – we build our team just like we create names. Without great teamwork, we would not be able to bounce ideas off of each other so easily and creatively. As a team, we create together, with each of us contributing our own unique element. This is one of the secrets of our successful naming.